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About data

Please give me the data size in Adobe Photoshop ®by 720x540 px or 648x486 px.
Moreover, please give me a format by three or less CS.

Please give me the data of Adode Illustlator ®in a three or less CS format.
Moreover, we recommend you a create outlines [ a font ].

Please ask about a special format form.

Picture data

Size 720 x 486 px(SD)
1920 x 1080 px(HD)
Format TGA, TIFF, and other formats are checks required.

Video data

Format Quick time, and other formats are checks required.


About data

Encoding of DVD corresponding to "5.1ch" corresponds only AC-3 now.
I do not correspond to DTS.

We are making in the DTRS format. Please ask a field staff for details.

Creation of the tape of "5.1ch" is DVCPRO HD in principle at present.
Please consult about creation in other tape styles in advance.


About digital data

I can respond to ProTools session data various versions. Please refer to the plug-in list in a Recording page "equipment list" about compatibility with plug-in.

In carrying in of audio files other than various audio file ProTools session data, please carry in what wrote out all the files as the same address (example: 00-minute and 00-second start).

About analog data

I correspond to 2-inch analog 24tr/16tr, or 1/4-inch analog 2tr.
Please ask about an equalizer, noise reduction, machine conditions, etc.

The content may change without notice.

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