MA - Multi Audio

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We have two sound studios and one of them is fully adapted for 5.1 surround projects.
Both studios have a VO/narration booth and Pro Tools for DAW.

MA-1 Studio

SSL C300 corresponding with room to many surround content production of the material number in the console.
To ensure the surround circle 2.5m of ITU-R Recommendation compliant.
A computer controlled 5.1ch monitor speakers it will provide an ideal monitoring environment.

Mixer SSL C300 24Fader 152 I/O 2DSP
DAW Pro Tools Ultimate - HDX2 | HD I/O x1, 192 I/O x2 | Ver.2022.12
Plug In WAVES (Platinum, Restration, 360), SERATO Pitch'n Time Pro
iZotope RX7 Advanced, Zynaptiq UNVEIL, Audioease Speakerphone2
NUGEN AUDIO VisLM-H 2,LM-Correct 2, Soundtoys Little AlterBoy 5
Video I/O Blackmagic Ultra Studio 4K
Mac MacPro(2013) 3.5GHz 6core 32GB | macOS 12 Monterey
Speaker P.A.S TOC MONITOR-1, GENELEC 8240A x 7260A DSP Monitoring System

MA-2 Studio

2ch stereo studio.
To ensure a comfortable preview environment in the client space and spacious 55-inch display. CM, VP, widely it can support the program.

Mixer AVID S4
DAW Pro Tools Ultimate - HDX | MTRX | Ver.2022.12
Plug In WAVES (Platinum, Restration), SERATO Pitch'n Time Pro
iZotope RX Post Production Suite 7(RX10 Advanced), Zynaptiq UNVEIL
NUGEN AUDIO VisLM-H 2,LM-Correct 2
Video I/O Blackmagic Deck Link 4K Extreme
Mac MacPro(2019) 3.5GHz 8core Intel Xeon W 48GB|macOS 12 Monterey
Outboad FOCUSRITE RED1, NEVE 33609/C,

About 5.1ch

What’s 5.1ch surround?

Realism that can not be expressed in conventional LR 2-channel stereo, it will be possible to express such powerful with bass.
Thereby pulling deep viewers contents, now a more sound may be a sensible thing.

For material and mixing

Realism by processing the stereo / monaural of material, you can create a sense of movement.

For material and mixing

Stereo down mix

On the basis of the 5.1ch surround mix, that you create are mixing and 2ch stereo component ratio of any of from each speaker, is called the stereo down-mix.

If the stereo mix is also determined by the preview, etc. even in works of 5.1ch surround mix There are many.
In our system, it is easily possible to create a stereo mix.

The content may change without notice.

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